Monday, November 11, 2013

The Meaning of Gemstones

Gemstones are used for various different purposes and hold a variety of differing meanings and have played a very important part in the history of humans. From healing stones to those as big as those at Stonehenge, stones of all sizes have been used as talismans for centuries.
When it comes to gemstones colour is very important, different colour stones hold different meanings. When choosing a coloured gemstone for any engagement ring it is important to establish the sentiment and symbolism behind the stone. A coloured gemstone ring is fast becoming a popular and fashionable way for brides to express their personalities. Many engagement ring designers are noticing the trend and advise people to do their research first, having a gemstone with a sentiment you don't want to carry around isn't ideal.

Colour is said to be able to influence peoples emotions, actions and responses to other people, objects and ideas. Many believe that colours are powers themselves and that therefore coloured stones are particularly powerful. When choosing a coloured gemstone for an engagement ring designers will tell you to research the meanings of colours and the thoughts contained in their corresponding gem.
Red for example is said to be the warmest of all colours, and is the colour best suited to extroverts. However red can also mean danger a temper or even anger. A red gemstone is often used to strengthen the body and to promote courage and will power. Red gems, like the Ruby are said to stimulate vitality and energy so bear this in mind when considering a red gemstone.
Blue stones are another option to consider when deciding on an engagement ring. Blue is often referred to as the coolest colour, the colour of the sky and ocean. A pure blue is said to be the colour of spirituality, sincerity and of inspiration. Blue stones are often chosen by conservative people because of its calming nature. Blue gemstones are long believed to promote peace and are used to calm emotions. They have been used to help people who have difficulty sleeping and to enhance communication skills.
An increasingly popular coloured gemstone amongst brides is the green emerald. Green is the colour of nature and fertility and alos holds meanings of balance and harmony. Green is a colour favoured by well balanced people and it is believed to be a healing colour. Green gems are used to attract prosperity and wealth and promote balance and change. The vibrant colour of the emerald is fast becoming a favourite amongst engagement ring designers because of its ability to stand out and its sentimental value.
Choosing an engagement ring can be a difficult task but a coloured gemstone provides a fashionable alternative to a traditional ring, if you get the sentiment right.

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