Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10 Reasons Why Amber Is One of the Most Mysterious Materials on Earth

1. Not so long ago (until WWI), men used to drink special beverage in order to increase their sexual powers. Vodka was poured on amber pieces and left for some time to extract medical essence.
2. Amber (especially succinic acid) was used in pharmacology since earliest times--already in antiquity. It was a remedy against many diseases, including stomach, eyes, ears, teeth aches. Even rheumatism was treated with amber. Even today, amber is widely used in medicine to treat bladder related illnesses, stomach aches and even bronchitis.

3. During Soviet times, all available information about succinic acid was classified, although people have been using it for various reasons for thousands of years. The acid was part of rehabilitation means for special forces, astronauts, divers and other professionals suffering from huge physical and physiological ailments. Succinic acid can quickly resupply body with energy and it is also used to treat such ailments as chronic stress.
4. In the last century scientists have found even more benefits of amber. It is scientifically proven that amber helps to cherish beauty. This mineral calms and cleans the skin, cures inflammation and regulates synthesis of collagen. This helps the cells to regenerate thus rejuvenating the skin.
5. Hairdressers have found that the magical power of amber is useful in their profession as well. Amber helps to strengthen hair and its roots, enriches the scalp and makes hair look great. Moreover, hair tend to electrify less.
6. For a long time humanity used the mixture of amber and other fragrant materials as incense. The scent of burning amber helped to concentrate and purify the environment. It was used as a mean of disinfection. Amber was burned near sickbeds as it decreased possibility for infections to spread. Besides, patients seemed to recover faster.
7. Archeological findings revealed that amber was used as early as in the Paleolithic Age. During the Stone Age amber was traded and used as currency.
8. Different types of amber from different eras are found all over the world in various quantities. Experts consider the amber from the Baltic region (Europe) to be of the highest quality and the most useful as it contains highest levels of succinic acid.
9. Not many of us know that amber has a quality to store static electricity. This fact was observed by the ancient Greeks and thus amber was called "elektron", which gave the name for "electricity" later on.
10. Compared with other materials (stones, glasses, minerals, etc.) used to craft jewelry, amber feels warm to touch.

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