Friday, November 8, 2013

Matching Gemstones With Eye Colour

More and more people are trying to add a more personal touch to their engagement ring but as any engagement ring designer will tell you it can be a difficult process. A novel and growing trend is to match the eye colour of the recipient with accent gemstones. Colourful gemstones are becoming a popular choice in engagement rings ahead of the more traditional diamond and making the ring that more sentimental can a ring even more special.
For a bride with blue eyes a popular option is the sapphire. The vibrant blue tones of the stone can highlight piercing blue eyes perfectly. Lapis Lazuli and Kyanite provide other great alternatives and are best matched to eyes with a darker shade of blue and would be complimented nicely with a setting of a yellow gold engagement ring band. For those with blue eyes with hints and flecks of green an aquamarine side stone would work well, depending on the hue it could work nicely to compliment pale blue eyes too.

For those with green eyes an obvious option is the emerald gemstone. The precious stone is becoming a new favourite when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, designer rings are beginning to feature the stone on the fingers of more and more celebrities. A green garnet or peridot stone are also great options to bring out the hue in green eyes.
The varying hues of fire opals will be perfect match for all brown eyes, the spectrum of tones will ensure you find one that matches your brides. The yellow and orange tints in the opal will produce a sparkling engagement ring and can also be used as side-stones. To match hazel eyes dark ambers are an ideal fit and will reflect a variety of colours.
For a more unique, grey colour the smoky look of moonstones will best suit. Moonstone's incandescant properties will look stunning and compliment a girl with grey irises. Opals are another option available and come in a wide range of grey tones coupled with white flecks that will provide a nice accent.
An altogether different and unique colour like an uncommon but beautiful golden eyes will be best suited to a topaz gold gemstone. For a bride with a subtle hint of orange hyacinth gems will be a perfect accompaniment.
Whatever your bride's eye colour there is sure to be a gemstone out there that is the perfect match and will highlight any colour. Matching the centre piece of an engagement ring to the wearer's eye colour can be a novel and personal way of producing a ring individual to your relationship. Any engagement ring designer knows that above all the thought that goes into the choice is just as important as its appearance.

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