Friday, November 15, 2013

How To Choose Quality Silver Jewelry?

Are you fond of silver jewelries and planning to buy some? If yes, then the first thing you must make sure before making the purchases is that the pieces you are buying are of highest possible quality. The following pointers will teach you the process of picking the best silver ornaments.
  • When searching for quality ornaments made from silver, you may come across advertisements published by stores and sellers claiming that they are offering pieces made of the metal in its purest form. The word "pure" might attract you as since the beginning of times we have a tendency of looking for things that are pure let it be pure metal, pure food or pure oil. However, the truth is that this shimmery grey metal in its purest form is not a suitable raw material for jewelries. According to experts, 99.9% pure silver is not durable enough to be used for making ornaments.
  • After reading through the above discussion, you must be wondering how the metal is converted into a perfect raw material for jewelries. Pure silver is strengthened by adding another metal like copper or nickel to it. The alloy prepared by mixing the metal with copper or nickel is extremely durable and is perfect for crafting ornaments of different shapes. Usually, this alloy contains 92.5 percent of the metal in its purest form and 7.5 percent of nickel or copper. So, to make sure that the silver pieces you are purchasing are sturdy enough ask the retailer whether they are made using the above mentioned alloy.
  • The alloy we have discussed about in the previous section is referred to as sterling silver? How will you know that the ornaments you are thinking of buying are made from sterling? You will not need to work hard to find out the quality of metal used for making a particular ornament. If the jewelry you are purchasing is made from sterling silver, it will surely have the number "925" engraved on it. If you don't find the number on the ornament, you should decide against buying the piece.
  • The jewelries you purchase must be manufactured by a company that enjoys great reputation among users. This will guarantee that the items you are paying for are made using high quality materials. Only a top manufacturer will provide you with pieces that come with the best gemstones available for the price you are paying.
  • Last, but definitely not the least, always buy silver jewelries that match your style. If you love to stay casual in a pair of jeans, opt for sleek pieces. You can surely buy one or two heavy sets that can complement the evening gowns you have in your wardrobe. Men, on the other hand, can purchase thick chains and studs.

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