Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dealing With Loose Rings

If you use jewelry regularly you must have surely experienced it: that ring that is just a tiny bit too big or that other one that is so big that somehow is still on your finger, even though given its size it should have fallen off long ago never to be found again. Yet, you keep wearing those rings everyday telling yourself that you will need the extra room in the future, just in case you gain a few extra pounds. Or maybe you are deeply attached to that specific ring because it carries a special meaning for you, or it is just representative of an important milestone in your life in the case of engagement rings. How can you make the ring that you love so much fit comfortably and securely on your finger?
Let us point something out first: your ring needs to be a little bit loose when you wear it if your knuckle is wider than the base of your finger so that the ring is able to get over the knuckle. You don't want to fix a ring you felt was loose to later discover that you cannot longer use it, gets stuck or makes your finger swollen. If that is not the case and you really need to fix your ring, read on.

There are some products on the market that are designed specifically to try to make your ring fit more snuggly. The first one is a kind of rubbery gel that is squeezed out of a tube and applied to the inside of the ring. This effectively reduces ring size and the material has enough give let the ring pass over your knuckle. One drawback it is price, but on the plus side you are able to peel it of if the rings feels to tight. Another more inexpensive solution are metal ring guards. they are little wires that go inside the ring or band to help decrease its size. There are some people who dislike this option since you need to secure prongs with pliers to the shank of the ring, which could potentially scratch it. You could really go low-budget by tightly wrapping a small section of wire around the bottom of the ring and hope no one notices it. Besides the fact that it would almost be a sin to do that to a ring you truly care about, the ends of the wire might end up poking your skin.
The best solution would be to take your ring to an experienced jeweler who will be able to give you a more permanent solution. The way the jeweler decides to resize your ring will depend on the material of the ring, any coatings applied to it and how many sizes must be decreased. Jewelers normally cut the bottom of the shank and proceed to heat the ring to reshape it, or if the ring is too loose a section is removed and the ring is welded together again. In both cases the ring is polished to make sure the procedure will not be noticeable.
When buying rings you should try it on many times and make sure it is comfortable before paying for it. Then again, the metal might expand or contract a little bit and/or your weight might change in the future, so hopefully you picked up some helpful advice and how to fix a ring that is too loose. It is up to you to decide which solution fits you better, but make up your mind quick before you lose your ring!

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