Monday, November 4, 2013

Be Your Own Stylist - Enjoy Loads of Compliments With Right Jewelry Accessories

When it comes to the fashion world, trends change so swiftly that it leaves you puzzled and bewildered. Your head often spins around and you don't know how to team up the right jewelry set with the right attire. While trends come and go, the little rules of jewelry shopping remain the same. While you try keeping up with the changing times, don't lose your own sense of style, fashion and comfort. Whether you dress up for office or an informal party, matching the perfect set of jewelry with your dress is a must. Else, you might end up doing a major fashion disaster - an embarrassing situation indeed!
When you put on a new dress, you expect lots of compliments and praises. From jewelry and accessories to shoes and nail paint, you make sure that everything is perfect and flawless. However, if you don't have any idea about selecting the right ornaments, you'll spoil the grace of your dress as well as personality. Well, there's nothing to panic. The Internet and fashion magazines give you loads of tips on clothes and fashion accessories. While most of them prove helpful, others don't. Here are just a few handy tips and tricks on right jewelry shopping.

Consider the neckline of your dress
When buying a necklace or neck piece, it's very important to pay attention to the neckline of your outfit. You cannot choose anything and show up an elegant look. For an off-shoulder outfit, avoid crowding the neckline. A pendant or drop is perfect for V-shaped necklines. As for a scoop neckline, a choker or drop is the perfect choice.
Reflect on the color of the ornament
When wearing an ornament, pay attention to its color. For example, if you have a pearl jewelry set, don't team it up with a purple or orange outfit. Instead, try wearing it with black or maroon shaded dress. If you have a bright-colored jewelry in green or pink, team it up with a pastel shaded outfit. This trick does wonders!
Pick the right metal
When coordinating an ornament with your dress, consider paying attention to the metal you choose. You can give a modern look to your old outfit by choosing white gold or silver jewelry. One can never go wrong with gold; it gives a stylish and elegant look to any dress - modern as well as traditional. When you pick the right metal, you make a unique style statement that never goes out of fashion. Above everything, keep smiling and feel confident about whatever you wear.

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