Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Make Money With Jewelery

Why jewelery you may ask. Why is jewelery better than any other product to sell. Physical product that is. Maybe the best product to sell on line is an information product but the best product to sell otherwise has to be jewelery. Jewelery has one of the best profit mark ups of all products, especially wholesale to retail. Traditionally retailers get several hundred percent mark up with jewelery and I will show you just one one later where you can get much more.

Why is the profit margin so high with jewelery? Maybe it is because it is a popular target for shop lifters and kids who fancy a piece. It is much easier to pinch a piece of jewelery that a handbag or something larger. I had a tray of nice silver rings in a shop once and noticed one day about half a dozen plated, cheap fashion rings in amongst my silver. The kids had been coming in and changing their cheap rings for my silver ones. They are smart. One school girl had her open school bag at her feet while she was trying on rings and happened to let one drop straight in to her school bag. That is why so many stores now have signs out side saying no school bags allowed.

So anyway, with profits so high you can afford to lose an odd piece to shop lifters. That is fashion jewelery of course because you don't want to be losing any real jewelery pieces as they have cost you a lot. That brings us to styles of jewelery. Fashion jewelery is popular and always will be because people buy it for it's afford ability and today, some of the better made pieces are identical to their diamond and gold partners. So which do we sell. That depends of course on your market and how you intend to sell. Remember that if you go into real jewelery you will have to outlay a lot of money for stock although I am going to show you one place to buy real jewelery for about 10% of it's value.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Choosing Bridal Jewelery

As a bride, all eyes are on you and therefore it is important to ensure that your guests are looking at you for the right reasons, not because you have committed a bridal fashion faux pas. Bridal jewelery can make or break a bride's ensemble. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your wedding jewelery helps add the perfect finishing touch to your bridal attire.

1. Matching Jewelery to dress: It is important to purchase bridal jewelery once you have your dress. Just because you adore a particular necklace does not mean that it will work with your chosen dress. Your jewelery should compliment your overall look and not compete for attention. Whilst you may be more of a 'big statement piece' type of jewelery girl, more often than not more subtle designs work well for brides.

2. Matching detail: If your dress includes pearl detailing, then pearl accessories will work best. It is best to work on a theme to ensure that your whole ensemble works in harmony rather than clashes and competes for attention. Work with the detailing on your dress, shoes and veil, choosing jewelery that uses elements of it. Choosing a feature from your dress and carrying it through your accessories helps add cohesion to your overall look.

3. Consider your features and hairstyle: It is important to consider your natural features and how you will wear your hair when selecting jewelery, especially hair accessories and earrings. Big chandelier earrings might be lost if you are wearing your hair down, likewise a dainty headband might be too understated if you are having a big up do. You might love a choker, but have you got the neck to carry it off? Be honest about your features and show them off to their best with well chosen accessories.

4. Match necklace to neckline: When selecting a necklace, consider your dress' neckline. A sweetheart neckline works well with 'y' shaped or pendant necklaces. Rounded necklines are more suited to round necklaces. Watch the length of necklace and that it doesn't fall too low or too high.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jewelery Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

If you're spending Valentines Day with your girlfriend, you're probably worried about what to get her as a gift. There are numerous options - flowers, perfumes, books and any number of things. However, the one gift that women generally appreciate the most on Valentines Day is jewelery. Not only do women like to wear jewelery to complete an outfit, they like jewelery because every time they wear it, they're reminded of you. In addition, a gift of jewelery is something they can easily show off to their friends.
If you'd like to buy your girlfriend jewelery for Valentines Day, the first thing you need to consider is your budget. You can buy elegant, costume jewelery for a few dollars, while gold and diamond jewelery usually costs a few thousand dollars.

Also consider your girlfriend's tastes. What kind of jewelery does she normally wear? Does she prefer earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings? Is her jewelery big and chunky, or is it thin and delicate? What kind of colors does she prefer? If you see her wearing pink or blue quite often, it's a safe bet to buy her jewelery in those colors. In addition, if she usually wears silver jewelery, she won't wear gold jewelery often even if you buy it for her.

Once you've identified your girlfriend's tastes and your budget, you need to think about what kind of jewelery you'll buy her. Most men like to avoid buying rings on Valentines Day, simply because a ring can be misinterpreted as being an engagement ring. Chains, lockets and earrings are generally much safer and easier to gift on Valentines Day.