Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Difference Between Gold And Silver Jewelry

There are few women who don't want to fill their jewelry boxes with treasures made from gleaming metals with sparkling gemstones fitted in them. The number of men in love with jewelries made of precious metals has also increased in the last few years. When it comes to popularity, the two metals that scores most impressively as raw materials for ornaments are gold and silver. If you have no previous experience of purchasing ornaments, you might be wondering about qualities that separate pieces made from these two metals. The section below will explain to you the difference between gold and silver jewelry.

Appearance: The most remarkable difference between these two jewelry types lies in their appearance. While the gold pieces are yellow in color the ones made from silver come with a shiny grey tinge. Yellow is however the basic color of gold; you will also find ornaments made from white gold and rose gold, which are respectively lustrous white and pink in color. Silver ornaments, on the other hand are either sterling silver pieces (they boast the color of pure silver) or oxidized pieces (dark grey in color).
Price: Price is probably the most common factor that people consider when choosing between items made from these two metals. Greater durability and less availability make gold a costlier metal; thus the jewelries made from gold are much expensive compared to the ones made of silver. However, lower price does not make the latter less attractive; they can enhance your good looks as effectively as the golden pieces.
Durability: This is one aspect where gold beats silver by securing big marks. The yellow metal is not only more durable, but is also more stain and scratch resistant. The durability of silver is increased by mixing them with other metals like copper or nickel.
Care: When it comes to care, there is a similarity between ornaments made from the above mentioned precious metals. Both kinds of jewelries require a lot of care. To clean silver pieces, you will need a soft cloth and cleaners meant specifically for making this jewelry type stain-free. The yellow metal, however, looks best when cleaned with soapy warm water; you can also polish them using a clean jewelry cloth.
The discussion above must have helped you to comprehend the difference between earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other such pieces made from these two precious metals. When shopping for ornaments you must keep all these points in mind and consider factors like your budget and the purpose for which you are buying them. Additionally, you must never buy pieces marketed by less known manufacturing companies. This is because if you opt for items offered by manufacturers who do not enjoy good reputation among consumers, you might end up investing money on low quality jewelries.

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